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John McCain selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice-Presidential candidate today, trying to steal the thunder of both Barack Obama's very good speech last night and the impending landfall of Hurricane Gustav (predicted to make a direct hit on New Orleans as a Category 3 hurricane Monday evening).

I think we can safely assume that just like the Pirates around this time of year, he's packing it in. He got his reward for years of loyal service in the military, House, and Senate with his Presidential nomination, just like Bob Dole did in 1996.

Palin isn't going to win the Republicans the White House. What McCain did offer her is the political equivalent of a September callup in baseball.

Minor league baseball seasons end the first week of September, so major league teams call up players to the big league club during September to give them experience in the big leagues and see how they'll do against major-league competition when the team has already been eliminated from the pennant race.

A player who performs well during a September callup might make the big league club the next year.

So it is with Palin. She has little experience in politics; just one term as a city council member for the town of Wasilla, Alaska, and nearly 2 years as governor of Alaska. But she does have promise; she's known as not being part of the atrociously corrupt Alaska Republican gang, and may be a force in Republican politics in the future.

Why not give her a chance to prove herself on a national stage when Obama has the momentum of a runaway freight train? If she doesn't embarrass herself, the Republicans have a potential candidate in 2012 or 2016, or a Senatorial candidate who can send and receive Internets without trouble.
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I'm a former Pittsburgher of Eastern European ancestry. Bowling is part of my culture; my grandfather used to always take me to Princess and Village Lanes in Whitehall and Carrick Classic Lanes in Pittsburgh. Bowling was something fun that you could do your entire life, and not boring to watch on TV, unlike golf. But Obama did something very, very bad on camera. More after the jump.

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