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From [ profile] spoothbrush:

1. If you'd like to play along, reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. You then list (and upload or link to the video, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Then, as I'm doing here, you'll post the list to your journal with the instructions.

I got "I"...

"I'm Bad" - LL Kool J. My psyche-up music for law school exams. I roadied for him when he came to UChicago, including helping them (very carefully) load the sound board...

"It's All Been Done" - Barenaked Ladies. The video is part from a cat's point of view, and BNL had the perfect snarky pop song for that time of my life. (Why yes, I liked Harvey Danger and Cake....why do you ask?)

"Isometric Plaything" - Thanks to Gravity. This is what happens when classical music geeks play pop. I only knew about this group because some DJ played one song once on KNRK - I exhaustively searched the Internet music archives (Napster, cough) and found the song. Then I bought the CDs. This is them in concert - video from this one show is all I could find on YouTube

"Into the Sun" - King Black Acid. Released in 2000, near the end of my indie-rockism in Portland. A long, desperate wail of psychedelia, a Stairway to Heaven for my generation.

"If I Had $1,000,000" - Barenaked Ladies. I sang this at karaoke. Phear.

Honorable Mention - "I Whooped Batman's Ass" - Wesley Willis; "I Blew Up the United States" - Was (Not Was); "If You Could Read My Mind" - Gordon Lightfoot (also covered by The Black Watch); "Intergalactic" - Beastie Boys. (Any song with a Uranus joke in it has got to be good.)
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